(ENGLISH) Nitrogen plans Government unrealistic and undesirable

17 juni 2022

Lactalis Leerdammer B.V. finds the Government's latest plans to reduce nitrogen unrealistic and undesirable. In favor of nature conservation, the nitrogen problem must be tackled. All parties in the agricultural sector have to contribute. The willingness from the dairy sector to contribute, is apparent in the proposals recently made by the Coalition for the Future Dairy Farming (CTM). The feasible and realistic plan would ensure a reduction of almost 30 percent in nitrogen emissions and offers perspectives to dairy farmers who want to invest in sustainable and technical solutions. Technology can and should be an integral part of the solution.

Lactalis Leerdammer B.V. conforms to the appeal that the NZO makes to provincial administrations and the House of Representatives. The NZO asks provincial administrations to include these previously submitted proposals from the CTM in the decision-making process about nitrogen reduction in the concerned area. The call to the House of Representatives is to include these sector plans in the execution of the Government Plan (NPLG).

The Dutch dairy chain is constantly developing. Not only to continue to contribute to the global food supply, but dairy farmers, transport companies and dairy companies are also actively working together for national and international sustainability goals, among others through the Sustainable Dairy Chain.

We believe in the strength of our dairy farmers; in their proven entrepreneurship, perseverance and willingness to contribute to nature conservation. Give them the opportunity to maintain and develop their business. And give the Dutch dairy sector the space to maintain and strengthen its position as one of the most innovative sectors in the world, playing an important role in contributing to the world food security.